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artist: ANTHILL

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-"Cellar Gallery" Cellar Records various artists compilation
-"LOVE" Sound Association label DA013CD
-"NEXT LEVEL STOP" Sound Association label DA011CD
-"SAMPLES AFFECTION" Sound Association label DA010CD
-"ANTHILL vs TR21" Sound Association label DA006CD


-Anthill "Love", Sound Association 2007 magazine GAZ-ETA

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artist: STEREO10

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-"UNKNOWN." Sound Association label DA009EP

short story of STEREO10 project:

Stereo10 formation was created in September of 2003. It's a cooperation of Anthill & TR21 in which the forces and experiences of two artists were combined in one project. The background of this experiment was the wish of verification of the two people interaction effects, who may have same goals in making music but each of them achieves targets in a different ways of expression and uses various technique methods. For this moment, besides of improvised album which was recorded live, few tracks that refers to electro sounds and electronic music of the 90's, are the effects of cooperation. The tracks are waiting for the time when they will become a part of the major production. Probably in a closest future a new single or an EP with new tracks of STEREO10 will be released.

artist: TR21

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-"Rootwork Compilation Vol. 4" Rootwork Collective various artists compilation
-"Cellar Gallery" Cellar Records various artists compilation
-"TAKE OFF" Sound Association label DA018CD
-"DIRTY BIG M" Sound Association label DA017SP
-"7.1" The Studio Stereo label various artists compilation
-"-TK CTRL-" Sound Association label DA016CD
-"IZ YOUR CHOOZ !" Sound Association label DA015EP
-"WE ARE NOT FROM THIS PLANET" Sound Association label DA014EP
-DON GOLIATH "Skastep To The World (The Dubstep mixes)" Dubstep Division DDR 041 various artists compilation
-"THE CHANGE HAS OCCURED" AmaCreedO Records "11" ACREC0019 various artists compilation
-"TIME WHEN THE RAIN STOPPED" AmaCreedO Records "11" ACREC013 various artists compilation
-"Re_main" The Studio Stereo label TSS-05 various artists compilation
-"THE STUDIO STEREO 001" The Studio Stereo label TSS-01 various artists compilation
-"IN MY HOME - suplement No.1" AudioTong label TNG1045
-"DECEASED CITY X" Sound Association label DA012CD
-"IN MY HOME - suplement No.1" Sound Association label DA008EP
-"IN MY HOME" Sound Association label DA007CD
-"ANTHILL vs TR21" Sound Association label DA006CD
-"POOR MUSIC II" Sound Association label DA005CD
-"THE LAST YEAR (suspend techno terror)" Sound Association label DA004CD
-"RED PLANET" Sound Association label DA003CD
-"ERRORS AND MISTAKES" Sound Association label DA002EP
-"THE LAST YEAR (suspend techno terror)" Sound Association label DA001CD


-TR 21 "Deceased City", Sound Association 2007 magazine GAZ-ETA
-TR21 albums collection released by Sound Association magazine HIGH Fidelity

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short story of TR21 project:

  Project called name TR21 was born in year 1998, but that story has began much earlier. All started in the middle of 80's when TR21 performed many experiments with generating sounds on 8 bit personal computers like Timex 2048 or Atari 800 XL. Next phase was an experience in domain of design engineering - simple analog synthesizers and drum machines. After that TR21 began experiments with fitting and mixing analog cassete tapes. The culmination took place in early 90's, when he started an age of sampling and processing sounds thanks to techniques like: Covox, own invented A/D converter, personal computers PC AT class or very popular in this time tracker programs. TR21 project became more stabile in his workshop in 1998 and kept on up until now in a little bit more innovated way. All is based on sequencer launched at PC class computer which control virtual VST devices and also external gear. Everything is mixed in analog domain. Very often sources of sounds are electric guitar or human voice, which are transformed in totally different forms and functions into traditional musical order.
  After long 4 years of low activity TR21 at begining year 2011 back to the music business. Keep an ears and eyes open - new album coming soon !

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